The Corona vaccine is Risky- Myth Explained

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Why Vaccine?

Coronavirus can have life-threatening complications, and if a person gets affected, they could spread the disease to their friends, family, and others around. Clinical trials for vaccines have proven that they are safe and effective. While getting COVID-19 may give natural immunity, reinfection is initially not possible, but there are chances of it in the future. However, Corona vaccination can help protect yourself by creating an antibody response without the necessity of getting the sickness. COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool to stop the pandemic, and while wearing masks or social distancing might reduce chances of being exposed, they’re not enough. It is here that Vaccines play an important role as they work with the immune system and are always ready to fight the virus. Vaccinated people are less likely to be infected and less likely to spread the virus. Here is the detailed corona dashboard

Who can take the vaccine?

From May 1, the government of India has ordered vaccination for people above 18 years of age. Besides people who are healthy without any medical condition, others who can take the vaccine include people who previously had SARS-CoV-2 infection, people with a history of chronic diseases, and morbidities such as cardiac, neurological, pulmonary, metabolic, renal issues, or immunodeficiency HIV.

Who shouldn’t take the vaccine?

While vaccination has been happening with drives initiated by the government, people with the following conditions can avoid vaccines.

People who are on medicines that affect immunity.

People with a history of allergies.

People with fever.

People with a bleeding disorder.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

People who had received another coronavirus vaccine.

People severely allergic to any ingredient in Covishield.

People who had an allergic reaction after the first dose of Covishield must avoid the second dose.

However, consult with the doctor to take the decision.

Impact of vaccine:

Vaccines train the immune system to recognize and eliminate viruses that can cause illness. They strengthen the immune system and are a safe way to produce an immune response in the body. Vaccines contain killed or weakened versions of the virus that causes the disease or a small part of it, such as protein or nucleic acid. When a person gets a vaccine, their immune system recognizes these substances as foreign and reacts by creating memory cells and antibodies which protect the person against future infection. The coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has spikes of protein on each viral particle and these spike proteins allow the virus to attach to cells, ultimately causing the disease. The corona vaccines help the body to recognize spike proteins as foreign and fight the coronavirus which has the proteins and will protect the person receiving the vaccine by lowering chances of getting COVID-19.

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